I knew it was time to start visualising the dreams that I have written down, which will help me to remember certain small details because it would be impossible to write down each of them. I have spent quite a while on each of the compositions provided below thinking about details and carefully choosing objects or creating my own patterns that would represent the dreams as close as possible. This has been my first step into understanding of what I will be continuing to do later on my project and even thinking as they would work as my final final pieces. The objects and photographs used in the compositions have been collected all the way around the internet  after doing quite a wide research on each in order to find the right ones. Probably the most useful thing that I have learned while doing these compositions is what type of image compositions do look the best: the different scales between the objects help to create the contrast and add tension, patterns make the images look more illustrative, odd compositions look the best  and reflects the most on the art work I am used of creating. After learning these tricks it is time to move to the second collage step!

BW-dream-1 BW-dream-2 BW-dream-3 BW-dream-4 BW-dream-5 BW-dream-6 BW-dream-7 BW-dream-8


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