At this moment I have stopped using images found online, I thought that it would be best to collect the from the artistic photographs, movies, take them myself and similar. I felt like this way I would be more able to create more artistic compositions, they would help me as inspirations and the quality of each of the imagery would be a lot higher. Now after I ave learned what tricks help to improve the quality of the image compositions I was trying to create completely new compositions which would not include any animals or people, as this would help me a lot on concentrating on the background imagery. After looking back at all of the images created I understood that some of them look a lot better than other, but why? I noticed that the ones that received the most appreciation were the compositions created mostly from using different textures and patterns. During the group crit I have learned that this helps to look them highly illustrative and makes a big difference as I have created the compositions by cropping objects myself from those textures or patters, which would mean even though the pattern is a found object it is still made by my own hands. Tips for the next step in creating the compositions: stopping to use colours – I spend too much time on changing the colours in each of the pictures but in the end I am hoping of not using those colours so this just does not allow me to focus on what is the most important; secondly, the compositions I will be creating need to be made from using the patterns and the textures however, I need to know that the more heavy the pattern or texture is the harder it is to combine it with other objects in the composition. It is time to step into the next level of the composition making!Cat-room-1 Cat-room-2 Cat-room-3 Corridor-1 Corridor-2 staircase-1 staircase-2 staircase-3


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