I believe I have finally stepped into the final stage of the composition collage making digitally. I must say I am highly happy with the results and am pretty excited on how they will turn out in the very end when I will be working on the composition contrasts and putting different effects to make them as close to one another as possible what is more playing around with grey, black, white and blue colour placement in them. I have used all of the tips that I have written down and received during the tutorials and have tried my best in following them. This stage has not been as simple as I thought it would be though. It seems that at this stage my head and inspiration on creating the compositions has reached its limit so I was able to create only few of them during one day (before I was able to make a lot more) as well as I had to make few days of inspiring myself looking at different artists works or doing completely something different so my head could rest before I again started doing the compositions. In some of the below provided images we can clearly see which ones have been made when I was exhausted artistically and which ones have been made when I was highly inspired.. This comes as well to the problem solving of the project – how to create continuous pieces without loosing the inspiration, when I learned to include other tasks in between of creating each of the compositions. At the end at this moment I have come to the final 6 images that represent the narrative of the character moving through the spaces which I have seen during my dreams. Next step would be to figure out the style the compositions will be created in and the techniques used: I was talking about the cyanotype and photogram prints before, but I am still open to any incoming ideas as I might never know what problems can come along the creative process way.

Cat-room-4-BW Cat-room-5-BW Corridor-1-BW Corridor-2-BW Corridor-4-BW Hallway-1-BW kiemas-1-BW Laiptine-1-BW Laiptine-2-BW laiptine-6-BW laiptine-7 laiptine-9-BW staircase-1-BW staircase-2-BW staircase-5-BW test-2 Virtuve-2-BW


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