After I have fully done my experimentations with the collage imagery I wanted to create for the cyanotype and photogram prints, I have tested out several objects printed as negatives on the tracing paper and put them into the sun onto the cyanotype sentisizer covered paper. The images turned out highly dreamy and hard to understand of what has been shown in them. Now this has been completely different from what I have expected as a turn out when I was making the collages. At this moment I am working on a book which will be exhibited together with the final composition images which will have all of the information and explanations provided in it. I am wondering, how the full composition would turn out, as the imagery looks quite interesting on its own. I am wondering that what if I do not use the cyanotype process for the final compositions as this would completely not show through as what I was planning before was to cut out the objects that had been created on the cyanotype paper, but this does not make any sense, right? I must say I am pretty happy to have come to this problem – cyanotypes have not been so clear. The first thing I need to say why the cyanotypes do not look how I was hoping is because there is no big contrast between the black and white, so the prints had some grey shades in them in every part, tis meant that the paper has been covered from the sun in all of the parts more or less – this turned out to create the quite shady and foggy images. I am not 100% sure that photograms would work in a different way, I somehow have a feeling they won’t, this is why I am thinking now, I have to test out how the images will turn out using the photogram technique? It all depends now on the turnout of the final pieces. What would I do with cyanotypes? Well, testing the full composition cyanotype prints would be the first step, but I need to make high black and white contrasts on each of them so that the imagery would be a lot more clear when made. I was thinking I would love to include the cyanotypes, photograms or the final composition photos into the book, this would be a great opportunity to do. What I did like about the cyanotype print I have made is the fogginess, that the viewer has to look very closely to try to understand what image is hidden behind the silhouette shapes.


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