MY first cyanotype test have not been so successful as I had not bough appropriate equipment and paper in creating them – they had been ripping, staining the paper, not being able to dry fully or in the right way and had not been able to be exposed as I wish they would be exposed in the sunlight. I have watched loads more tutorial videos and read tips in creating the cyanotypes I had had in my mind from the very start. Here are the outcomes:

20001 20002

As you can see the cyanotyes have turned out a lot more brighter this time as I have used more peroxide and citric acid in washing as well as fixing them after they have been exposed in the sunlight. Secondly, I have made the negative prints not in grey scale but using only black and white contrasted images. Positive comments: a lot brighter and more understandable imagery; interesting brush stroke patterns on paper; prints in good quality as paper was a lot thicker; details can be seen strongly or have been as if put under a blurry glass – adds interest to the whole image. Negative comments: there are yellow stains in the middle of the paper – this happened as I did not fully wait for the paper to dry when it was covered in the cyanotype sensitizer – the good from the bad – it adds another interesting colour to it.


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