After the tutorial provided on Wednesday I had a chance to reconsider the design of the psychoanalysis book I will be working toward for my FMP final pieces. As the page layout did not seem like it would be interesting to look at – it looked plain and structural. In addition, the styles of the pieces I used in the book did not look they suited each other – some had looked highly digital, others photogram style and the rest in the style of cyanotypes. What I decided to do is to somehow bring them all together which means – creating more photograms and cyanotypes from what I have decided to use in the book. I have spent the whole day experimenting with photograms in order to create the designs of page layouts in a more unusual way. Here are the outcomes:

30001 30002 30003

I highly enjoy using the alternative photography technique- making dark room photograms as this technique gives me the opportunity to create the unexpected as the results are always kept between the shadows until the idea is tested. I am highly happy with the end results, even though I have created only 3 tests (6 pages) I had a chance to make something that can be used for the final book I am working for. More detailed review will be written in the tutorial post later on.


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