• The talk was given by Simon Goode – previously gotten to know during the book binding workshop at the first year of course in illustration.
  • London Centre for Book Arts was opened 2,5 years ago.
  • S. Goode created the company of the London Centre for Book Arts.
  • The Book Arts centre is open for public providing the talks, printing workshops, tutorials and book binding workshops to an open public.
  • Simon Goode has gained most of his experience while he travelled in USA while visiting various printing companies.
  • He has come back to UK to start his own business after gaining the needed experience.
  • S. Goode encouraged to share the gained knowledge with others.

Simon Goode included these people in his presentation talk to look at for inspiration and learn from if interested in books overall and the art of book making:

  • Edward Ruscha                                              allpools tumblr_l8cryoO8oQ1qdstwzo10_1280
  • Tauba Auerbach                                             C9T2692
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay                                        finlay 3
  •  Sister Corita Kent                                            sister-corita.JPG
  • Nieves

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