After the tutorial on Wednesday I have been encouraged to continue making the cyanotype sun prints using not only the collages I have created but as well making the mandala patterns in the same style. All of this for the sake of making my final book. Here are the final outcomes:

20003 20004 20005 20006 20007 20008 20009 20010 20011 20012

Positive comments: like the contrast between the blurry and contrasting imagery; patterns of brush strokes on the sides of the paper; the mystic effect as if the prints are highly old or they are faded. Negative comments: the prints for some reason turned out in completely different colours – however all still in the shades of blue colour; some mandala details are too hard to see in the cyanotype sun print. The good from the bad – all of the prints will and can be adjusted digitally to look more alike to one another and contrasts layed around with to bring up the brightness of details if needed. It all depends on what I will be using for the book and how it will look and need in the very end.


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