Tutorial notes:

  • The collage books is highly unique in it’s design. Maybe making it bigger for the exhibition?
  • The collage book is in need for the text font consideration. It all looks highly modern, this is why it seeks for a modern font.
  • The photograms of the mandalas has changed the layout of the pages completely in a good way, as they are starting to add more interest. If at this stage they are good when made through such a short period of time (a week) I have to continue to see what a two week exploration will come up to.
  • Considering using smaller inside pages in the Mandala book – considering the age sizes, as they can be more exploratory instead of staying a simple plain book.

Agreed actions for the next tutorial:

  • Making the resin tests that I had been talking about for a while now just to see how they look like/ considering the use of coloured resin in between the layers of water clear one?
  • Bringing in the A3 pages of collages and the whole book so they can be printed and tested out in a large scale.
  • Continue experimenting with the mandala pages – making of photograms
  • Creating the second dummy book of the Psychoanalysis with the approximate layout
  • Working on the text fonts, printing them out and taking for the consideration for the books.

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