For a certain time during my project I had been highly inspired by the B. Salzwedel created illustrations (more information in my previous blog posts about that) where he has layered pages with art on them in the clear resin casts. I have imagined making my final collage compositions in that way and had been talking about this for a certain period of time during my tutorials. I have finally been encouraged to buy the needed materials and equipment to test this idea for the past few of my tutorials. I have spent the whole day printing the collage objects and layers one by one either on white or cream colour paper for additional interest. I then cut them up by layers so that  have them ready when working with resin for layering. Here are the final outcomes:

Final ideas. I do not yet know how I feel about the way they turned out. Even though they were tests I had been trying to make them as better as possible without too many mistakes. For the three A6 size test I have used up 0,5 litre/kg of resin which was the half of what I have ordered and bought for 18£. Now this sounds already highly expensive. If they will not look good for anyone else during my tutorial this Wednesday, I do not see that I would be doing this in the nearest future. The main issues I came up with was that resin had bubbles, pieces of paper not always got stuck, they bent and floated above the new layer of resin when poured and there are pieces of collage paper that is sticking out in parts and last but not least the texture surface turned out not flat and paper got wet and created stained effect as well as added a change of colour. Now this makes me think, my primary idea was to make it look like the collage pieces were stuck in the moment – the lyric side of it. When I thought of this idea I saw myself as a kid hiding secrets in the ground under broken pieces of glass. Maybe this needs that childish way of hiding the collage pieces under the resin? From one side, I acknowledge the mistakes and misfortunes of the tests but from the other side, maybe this is what I exactly need? Well, this can only be answered after showing the tests to my tutor and classmates.


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