I have spent the whole day making experimental compositions with the loose imagery printed on tracing paper in the photogram technique. As from the previous dark room session I had made several quite sucessful experiments I decided to push the boundries further and instead of making the collages at home and setting their layouts on pages I decided to work with loose sheets of prints and make the compositional layouts while in the dark room and in a quick way without thinking too much in order to make more experimental outcomes. Here are the final pieces:

11127786_10203442998670713_412373384_n 11136986_10203442998430707_60507326_n 11156807_10203442997070673_2101484278_n 11173521_10203442997590686_1224603042_n 11173528_10203442998790716_946992059_n 11178447_10203442997190676_1697688593_n 11185455_10203442998110699_1441245088_n 11186400_10203442997830692_602016799_n 11186464_10203442998070698_943891722_n 11198533_10203442997710689_458123377_n 11198540_10203442998470708_1364823918_n 11198550_10203442998310704_244129694_n 11198597_10203442997430682_402441641_n

I understand it will be impossible to use all of them in the book however I have loads of experiments to choose from. Positive comments: blurriness adds interest to the whole idea – represents the dream like pictures; automatic drawings – cut outs look as if they had been drawn or scratched into a rock or thick material, look highly experimental and expressive – exactly what I was looking for in my prints for this project.


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