Laszlo Moholy Nagy photography and photograms have been a huge inspiration when creating my digital collage pieces for the Final Major Project. What I found the most interesting in his work is the oddness of the image compositions, the surreality of the places the actions take in and for the photographies – the angles the photos have been taken from which create a more interesting compositional shot.

How does this artwork relate to the essay written and my final pieces? Simple answer, the surrealism, the expression of creating something that does not exist from something that does exist. The same goes to archetypes that C. G. Jung talked about at his theories when created image can talk about something deeper that might not seem so obvious from the outside but your unconscious and subconscious states can understand and translate.

lc3a1szlc3b3-moholy-nagy-22a-1822-1928-bauhaus-painting-oil-on-canvas-95-c397-75-5-cm moholy-nagy-jealousy-1924-27-photoplastic-gelatin-silver-print-30-x-24-6-cm-victoria-albert-museum-collection-london-c2a9hattula-moholy-nagy_vegap-2011 nagy-29 tumblr_mdp0qylsB01ry8wio tumblr_mhm609MOsw1rw3fqbo1_1280 untitled-9


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