• MA degree in ceramics received in RCA
  • Internships and freelance work at Habitat
  • Work seen at Argos and Guardian
  • Style – kitchy art
  • worked at University of Bedfordshire for internship
  • Freelance work for Topshop
  • worked for George home – ASDA supermarket
  • Put trends together: Pastel Party; Into the Blue; Dolls House;  Mono Chrome; Noir; Riviera; Fantasy; Orient; Meadow
  • Currently works for M&S Home
  • Free collage material from Dover books.

11119034_10206614759314032_493058044_n 11120949_10206614743433635_1233664582_n 11121281_10206614749673791_723289442_n 11208733_10206614719393034_1375063613_n 11208750_10206614759914047_2087786649_n 11210175_10206614712792869_1371379057_n 11212266_10206614760594064_1369217444_n 11212394_10206614760514062_230518902_n 11216041_10206614747153728_1312975136_n 11216324_10206614744633665_156124398_n 11216326_10206614737353483_384081569_n 11225596_10206614758074001_60715579_n 11225715_10206614708752768_322125905_n 11225715_10206614745113677_2089753995_n 11225812_10206614760434060_1181615721_n 11225857_10206614744953673_1332957244_n 11245423_10206614758394009_2023776782_n 11253789_10206614760914072_1640441484_n 11253853_10206614757913997_2101540282_n 11256420_10206614758954023_270128058_n 11257601_10206614739273531_1572678214_n 11257602_10206614759434035_598737372_n c c1 c2


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