EE Cumming’s poetry

I have been highly interested in this type of text layouts which are both simple but very poetic and reflecting the text that it was in to create the shapes or lines from. I was in search for an appropriate way of showing the title and back pages in one of my Final Major Books (the digital collage one) and I found this type of text layout highly inspiring to achieve a more interesting design which would work as an image as well.
Now you may think, how is this related to the essay I wrote and the theme of my final piece imagery? It is a simple answer, using the obvious and turning into something deeper – less obvious. Communicating the hidden ideas behind the text or the imagery.

377368543_8cece7838d_o 29625310018274775cyzIWRsNc Screen-shot-2012-03-12-at-3.01.15-PM tumblr_lwz6w8HlnR1qj7hp7o1_500


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