Example 1


My first intentions for the artist cv was to create a simple questionnaire/interview with myself providing brief answers to the most needed questions for either my future clients or for the viewers interested in my art. However, this did not look professional enough, especially when it comes in sending my artist cv for a company or a client.

Example 2

artist cv - final final final

This artist cv was highly reflective to the website design created. I have done loads of research in order to understand what information needs to be provided in my artist cv, then the design has been considered to make it look more artistic. I mostly like the minimal imagery and using an additional colour to enhance the text. However the logo is too childish and the lines separating each of the message boxes do not suit the design or intention at all.


CV - Domenika Grinkeviciute Jotke

The information used in this artist cv is nearly the same as in the 2nd example, however an url for the personal website has been added as this is highly important in promoting your work. The logo has been changed to a new one which reflects to the website as well as the dark orange on the text has been changed to the colour which reflects to the one used in the website. I have completely erased the lines in between the text and this left nice designed text. I believe this is a pretty good cv for the first professional artist’s CVs.


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