Example 1


01 02 03 04

Good: Contains home page with big illustration, portfolio with the grid, illustrators cv as an about me page and the contact me page. Chosen colours work nicely together between each other and the art pieces on the website.

Bad: overcrowded, hard to read especially the portfolio page.

Example 2


05 06 07 08

Good: contains home page with the portfolio, illustrator’s cv as an about me page, the blog page as the news page and the contact me page. Website design is a lot more simple compared to the first example.

Bad: both the home page and the blog page are over complicated and hard to look at – not suitable for a professional artist portfolio.

Example 3


09 10 12 13

Good: contains home page with the portfolio, separate portfolio page with information, illustrators cv page with the cv design, contacts me page. The design of this website is a lot more clear compared to the first two examples. Chosen minimal colours of the website makes it more interesting and a lot well designed. CV design is interesting – reflects to the website.

Bad: the font used is too hard to read, contacts me page is not needed if I intend to use the fill in forms, as people are not too interested in using those, portfolio grid on the home page makes the images harder to read and crops them in wrong places, portfolio page is too over complicated even though nice to look at. At this point I understood that the logo I have been designing for myself looks a little too childish, so I need to make a new one which reflects to my work as well.



14 15 16 17

While creating this website design I have used several of my tutor’s and advisers suggestions in having the website as simple as possible as this helps the work speak about me and what can I do instead of having a distracting website design which would come first to look at than the art pieces.
I completely cut down on the pages for the website: there is no need to have a portfolio page if the artwork can be shown on the main/home page – this helps to avoid repetition; secondly, I deleted the contact page – to make it more easy for clients and viewers to get my contact details I have put them on top of the page – reminding a lot of the whole business card theme.
The most important for an artist is to approach social media in order to expose it’s art to a wide variety of people – I have created a Facebook and an Instagram groups for people to follow me in, to get messages, comments and similar. This has been added to my personal website as pages to press on and they open in new windows in order to make the access easier.
The last button which was added to my personal website is the CV download – in one click you can open a file of my own cv which you can then dowload. What is more, the cv design is complimentary to the website design.


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