After doing a thorough research on business card designs I have decided to make my business card after I created my website so I would have a chance to make them as similar in the design as possible and as well – this might sound as cheating but the personal website design says the design of the business card. First thing we can see is the simplicity of the design – seen both on the personal website and the business card. Minimal use of colours- white, black and medium yellow. A simple logo on the front of the card and a yellow full bleed back with clearly stated name, profession, e-mail address, mobile number and the url of the personal website. The only problem I cam e up with that I have created the design a little too late for the submission of my portfolio which means I would not be able to order them to be made professionally at the printing company, so instead I have used some of the card stock I had and printed them on the printers available in our university. Another problem appeared when I noticed that the logo ant text was not lined up nicely, as I intended the logo to be in the middle of the business card – it appeared on the top or the bottom instead. However, as far as I have the design made, I have it ready to be printed professionally in the future on a proper card stock.front jpgback


Stage 2

As the paper was too thin I went to search for more suitable for business cards to print on – I found a cream paper that from a side has a golden shimmer and is textured. I thought it will be highly suitable and reflective to the personal website a lot more. I had to change my logotype of the lily as it did not look bright enough with the small detailing and made it more structured and reflective to the art I create. After that I changed the font used on the business card before to make it suit the one which is used on the website as well as the yellow colour had to be changed a little to have an orange shade. I am highly satisfied with the results of the business cards.

1 2


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