After the final pieces have been made for the exhibition and the website art pieces chosen I could finally create the intended post card for the clients to expose my artwork more. I ave researched the postcard designs online in order to learn how they usually look like as I have never seen one before. I have made the design which in my opinion reflects both to my website and the business card, but I believe that having a yellow bleed back side of the card would look better as the business card. However I have printed several tests of the intended final outcomes, however the printer rubbed off the ink as well as printed quite dirty, what is more, the card stock has o be a lot thicker. To print a proper copy I need to get a appropriate card stock for both the postcard and the business cards.

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Stage 2

As the paper was too thin I went to search for more suitable for postcards to print on – I found a cream paper that from a side has a golden shimmer and is textured. I thought it will be highly suitable and reflective to the personal website a lot more. I had to change the black and white imagery to the original blue and grey ones to add a pop of colour as I have decided not t make the back side of the card yellow any more. After that I changed the font used on the postcards before to make it suit the one which is used on the website. What is more, the back side of the postcards contain the same image as the front but cropped on the most interesting angles. I believe these postcards are highly interesting as the grey looks as if it has a silver shimmer and blue has the gold shimmer. Looks pretty posh I must say. Can not wait sending them out for the potential clients and companies and I will be making more of those to sell in the university degree show shop.

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