”Personal & Collective Unconscious of a Cat Archetype”

The development of the final book

Stage 1

Good: Great idea of separating automatic drawing and alternative photography from digital collages as a separate book. Mandalas are a great addition to the book and the whole dreamy theme. Great connection on finding out that Jung has drawn research and using it for my own project as this is highly related.

Bad: The mock up book pages look too structures, do not have any artistic side to it – a person without the idea of how to design a book could be able to do this.

To do: create more photogram and cyanotype tests using mandalas and text in order to build up the group of images to choose from to use in the book design.


Book-page-mandalas dream 1 fur colour 3a fur colour 4

Stage 2

Good: followed the set task from last time – made loads of different tests of photograms and cyanotypes. The design looks already a bit more free – the cover as a smaller page adds interest to the same sized inside pages.

Bad: The mock up book is a little too structured, compared to the second book with digital collages, this needs to be more free, dreamy and relaxed.

To do: making the third mock up book with different sized pages, laying around the design of the book, working with selected paper stock for the final book.


cover 1 page 2 page 4 - tracing page 6 page 7 page 8

Stage 3

Good: great choice on seeing book as an art piece. Working around the different page sizes and paper colours to create an image of the paper of its own.

Bad: Images need to be full spread without boarders; title and back page text needs to be smaller and aligned accordingly to the page structure; add additional photograms – I have a great variety to choose from.

To do: make the final version of the books, using the tips received.


e f g


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