”Personal Unconscious Places”

The development of the final book

Stage 1

Good: the most appropriate cover for this book is the one using only bald text as it looks the most artistic, reflects a lot to the image shapes used in the collages, the text is very structured, works as an image of its own, reminds a lot of collages – looks as if the text was collaged digitally.


front-5 front-4 front-3 front-2 front-1c back-5 back-4 back-3 back-2 back-1c

Stage 2

Final bound book

Good: the book design is highly structured and reflects to the digital collages as they show places and architecture. The chosen cream paper looks a lot better together with the blue details in the collages than when a white paper was used before. The size of the book makes it pop a lot more into the viewers eyes, good size for the exhibition. Instead of having a plain book cover an added small image will make it more mystique – maybe using the image of shoes, paper cup or the chair?


a c d


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