I have spent two days preparing the exhibition for the examiners coming next week to access the work. As we were limited on the stands I had to come up with the ideas of how to exhibit my final pieces in an artistic way. Even though all of the art pieces have been set in one side, they are two different parts of my project and the final pieces have been separated by hanging the work above the books. I like the design because it still looks pretty neat. I used the wooden wall to hang the black and white photograms as it does not distract too much but the resin tests onto a white wall as the frames are already wooden and would just vanish on the wooden board. I had to set a shelf which was lined up with the frame block to rest my final book on. Looks pretty simple but still artistic. On monday we will have to bring in all of our portfolios, research files, business cards and postcards for the submission and our tutor will be in to help change the designs of the exhibition for the examiners if needed. Fingers crossed my space will not need any changes as I am well happy of it with the limited stands and time to set it up.



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